30 January 2007

Mr M ( from the series "fabulous photographers")

photo: abeku

there is a time...

It seems there is a time and a place for just about everything in this world.
This is the time for not riding a bike...

Gruppo F inbox: Markus Jenemark

"January" © Markus Jenemark

When your camera brakes down and you don't have any new pictures the only way to survive is to create new ones from the old ones. Sorry about the old chestnut ' Girl In Armchair Theme '


invited guest: Mick Ryan

"This series of photos of my daughter entitled Tomfoolery started all quite by accident. It was last summer and it was oppressively humid and hot outside so we were forced to spend several weeks almost completely indoors. I didn’t have a lot of work so we started playing around with some of the stuff I had accumulated from junk shops and tacky tourist stalls around Shanghai. There’s about 40 in total in the series and it seems like every time I take a shot it is the inspiration for three more so I have along way to go yet.

Some of the photos are pre planned while others are just a reaction to the objects and playing around with them until I see something that creates a reaction in me. Whether it’s something that makes me laugh or cringe, I’m searching for something more than just a pretty picture. I’m looking to tell a story, though not a narrative, more like clues that can be read into in a variety of ways that is completely up to the viewer. I want to involve the viewer in the photos rather than dictate to them.

Although I’m not influenced by the surrealist movement at all the mood in my photos is definitely dream like. My photos are like childhood memories, while they are like somebody’s childhood it certainly wasn’t mine. It’s a dream childhood, or perhaps a nightmare childhood in some cases, but I want to try to evoke the mood of a memory: something half remembered, half understood, dark, mysterious but hopefully – occasionally – precious. "

-Mick Ryan

invited by Lina Nääs

Sanna Sjöswärd nominated for The Swedish Picture of the Year Award

If you are tuned in to The F Blog you will remember Sanna Sjöswärd as one
of our invited guests in November 2006. We wish you good luck Sanna -
your work is wonderful!

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