02 October 2007

Just a soap

photo: abeku

Cooling off // Balcony life

My summer memories

Trends in Photography

A panel conversation about new trends in photography will take place at
Centrum för fotografi (CFF) in Stockholm on 17 October. More information
can be found at www.centrumforfotografi.com (in Swedish)

This event is part of a biennal (starting this year) showing photographs
by contemporary Swedish artists. The idea is to present a selection of new
directions or trends over a period of time and to document it in a

The pictures (from top) are created by: Magdalena Stiernborg
Maud Södergren and Cecilia Järdemar

Vernissage 4 October 17 00 - 20 00, Centrum för fotografi

Autumn; memories of a summer gone by.

This is my celebration of a summer gone by.

Autumn is here and the leaves are still hanging around
to remind us of what awaits us next year.
This summer didn´t give us too many hot days and therefore
the memories of them aren´t many.
One of those few memories is a memory that I will carry with
me during the long and hard winter ahead of us.
The wonderful and happy memory of being part of the happiness of
my niece and here friend, when they went out in our motorboat and
saw Stockholm by water.

From Eyecatcher