19 January 2007

about love and other demons

We walked a while together
Not hand in hand like lovers
Side by side as friends
Kicking leaves in the parks.
Laughing at the future
And I went numb.
And you caught a cold
And talked funny.

And then we just lost each other
Without ever saying a word
Just some: -I’ll see you arounds...

Fifteen years ago...

don’t ever laugh at the future.
The present and the past are laughable
Never the future.
Cause the future seems to have a bad temper.
Or at least a strange sense of humour...

photos and words: christofer grandin

lost and found (4)/this is my job

negatives found in liquidated darkroom in my job. Those pictures made by uknown author with old type of pentacon six are documenting perhaps two series of researches, one in-situ, one in our lab. In my opinion pictures were made around 30 years ago.

I will once more ask you the same question: just documentary or already art?

Shadows - Tatiana Bitir, Toronto

All pictures ©Tatiana Bitir