19 May 2007

gruppo F inbox - Dancers by Johan

Photographer Johan Eriksson Uppsala Sweden

My passion in photography lies in capture feelings and light. In dance I find solitude, love, passion, melancholy, anxeity and joy of life. Dance capture with its tender and sometime provocative movements all great emotions in life. I am very thankfull of having the oppurtunity to collaborate with some of the best up-coming dancers in Sweden o fullfill my passion in photography of dance. I could write how it all started but I keep that for the future to tell the Saga. Meanwhile I would be very happy if you turned to my
webpage to explore more about my dancephotography,

Malin: "- this is not me..."
Tom. "- but it is!"
Malin: "- is it..."

a salute to the ordinary

Photo trouvée is a book by Michel Frizot and Cédric de Veigy where
you will find
285 pictures of anonymous amateur photographers.
The photos where found in flea markets and antique shops.
You will find some more information at Art MoCo mocoloco.com/art/

and another little teaser . . .

this is a "second" the real thing is in transit and will be hanging in Eskilstuna very very soon.
I'm so honored to be coming to your country, and to know that I will be met with love and gratitude, and in the spirit of kinship that this art form calls us to form.