27 December 2006

Invited guest: Moa Karlberg

© Moa Karlberg
It's a pleasure to invite Moa to the F-blog. Moa Karlberg is a freelance photographer based in Gothenburg. She studied photo journalism at Nordens Fotoskola Biskops-Arnö is currently affiliated with Mira photo agency. See some more of her work at her own site. It's definately worth a visit.
- Invited by Anders Blomqvist

invited Guest: Tomas Holmqvist

Many years ago I discovered Tomas Homqvist’s series of photographs, made with a halfframe camera, at Swedish photo community. Since then the series have continued to fascinate me. Now it is a honour to have the possibility to present some of his photographs on the F blog.

livet (life).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

sv/v (b/w).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

gatan (street).
© Tomas Holmqvist.

For more information, please visit Tomas Holmqvist’s homepage. Invited by Fredrik Skott

Invited guest: John Strazza (3)

Images of real life situations have within them the elements
physics, math, art, and the laws of light and time all in
one moment,
all in one frame.

It's no surprise that a black and white photograph
will contain elements that will make for a contemplative
and seemingly intentional design -
not as random as some may believe.

Time and time again I see these elements, objects,
people "fall together"
within the frame of an image
as though one had planned it's layout

(or design) very carefully.

Yet no more than a call to our mind's eye was
needed to find and respond to a moment in time,
the elements there-in,
and to focus a lens and
click a shutter.

We are (the structure and the elements) and therefore
we see and respond to them .. even if only

by our intuition.

text and pictures ©John Strazza
invited by Ulf Fågelhammar