23 June 2010

Invited guest: Wojciech Moskal

Wojciech Moskal: The rough industrial landscape of Sosnowiec, the place I grew up in, had a big impact on my visual perception. Perhaps that’s why it’s natural for me to see the world as a b&w picture. When I look at the city I see the unique poetry of it – people going about their everyday business, empty spaces full of mute emotions, hidden, abstract gems go unnoticed as we pass them by. In my pictures I attempt to capture Warsaw with and without make-up – this is what has captivated me from the beginning. I hope to convey the emotions that I felt while taking these pictures.

Invited guest: Daniel T. Braun

ID no.8, 2008, ca. 80x115cm, Lambda-Print, 2+1 AP

Crackling Palm, 2003, ca.170x106cm, Rocketogram/Colorphotogram, unique

Shoot No.3/after H. Edgerton, 2006, ca. 110x140cm, c-print, 2+1AP

AP1, 2009, ca. 180x240cm, C-Print, 2+1 AP

Rafael Shafir, 2006, ca. 180x130cm, Rocketogram / Color-Photogram, unique

Bl no.6, 2008, ca. 100x120cm, C-Print, 2+1 AP
Daniel T. Braun a young german emerging artist uses the media of photography in different ways.Sometimes he builds a model or sculpture to photography, sometimes the picture is the result of a performative act, near in the manner of an action paintimg, like burning rockets on photographic paper at night ( " Rocketogrames "). For more information visit his vuluminous website: http://www.daniel-tobias-braun.de/