07 March 2008

This is the Wilds now; pt I

She came to me crying before we left the room screaming at the top of our lungs.

We saddled our horses, and rode out of that accursed sunset.
I yelled; "Hi ho silver!" as we left it all behind.

And we rode far away from everyone that we had called our own. Nothing fading, but everything becoming clearer

Suddenly, when the shadows of our former friends were nowhere to be seen, she leaned in and spoke to me...

"This is the wilds now."

Ze kwam huilend naar mij toe voordat we schreeuwend uit alle macht de kamer verlieten.
Wij zadelden onze paarden, en reden weg van die vervloekte zonsondergang.
Ik riep; "Hi ho silver !" terwijl wij alles achter ons lieten.
En wij reden ver weg van alles en iedereen dat we het onze hadden genoemd. Niets vervaagde, maar alles werd helder
Plotseling, toen de schaduwen van onze vroegere vrienden nergens meer te zien waren, leunde ze naar mij toe en ze zei...
"Dit is de wildernis nu."

Photographs and text: Morgan Malaska, http://www.morganmalaska.se/
Dutch translation: Nadja Voorham

hair is overrated

Photo: Walter Neiger

from behind

Photo: Ulla Larsson

man behind tulips

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

two kitchens

Beijing, 2003

Stockholm, 2003
Photos: Margareta Cortes

Shopwindows in Praga

Daily Print for (F)riday

photo: Jeanne Wells

Another from the Daily Print project -- if you click on the picture it will take you to the subscription page so that you can get a print sent to you every morning. This one's a silver gelatin narcissus.