25 October 2008

Postcards from: Havana

Invited guest: Enid Crow showing her series "Self-portrait Disaster "

"My name is Enid Crow.
I studied acting in college and I used to work in theatre but I left the theatre world because I think that plays and movies are too complicated. The motion of characters, the script, and the noise! I wanted the actors to stand still and stop talking. I discovered Cindy Sherman's film stills/self-portraits a few months after I started photographing myself when I was 19. I thought, aha! these pictures tell a story in a more attractive way than a film. Like Cindy's work, most of my photographs are pictures of me, frozen as a character in dramatic scenes. In "Disasters," I photographed myself as characters viewing various disasters off screen. I'm a New Yorker, and even though the pictures are comic, they come from the tragic documentary photographs of people fleeing the collapse of the Twin Towers. Now I am working on two series: The History of Moustaches, in which I photograph myself as men performing tasks that women were traditionally excluded from, and Happy Workers, photographs of myself in various worker characters making over-the-top positive statements about their day jobs."

To see more of Enid Crow's work, please visit www.enidcrow.com

-invited by Lina Nääs