31 October 2006

A while ago

Summertime 1973

Photo Per-Arne Andersson


Photo: Mats Äleklint

Big City Tour

Photo: Christian Wettergren

This photo reminds me of a wonderful photo from Hong Kong taken 1997 by Roger Turesson.
It appears in the photo journalistic book called 'Monsun Hong Kong 1997', covering the week before Hong Kong was handed over to the Chinese Authorities (Text by Peter Kadhammar, photo by Roger above). This book is a great inspiration to me, try to get it or borrow it!
But the picture above is mine altogether. :-)

Let me be the one who brings you back to the light VIII

30 October 2006

End of season

Sudden Collapse

photo: abeku
How's that MJ? Digital AND colour from a B&W junkie!

For your eyes only

Some sketches from the 'grad
Old photos from the last winter and early spring I scanned to preper for the coming hunting season.

Guest: Carolina Lopes

Carolina seems to be fascinated by different genres of photography, not really noticing the boundaries between them. She crosses them naturally not carrying about tools and means and world shown in her pictures is still filtered in very personal way.

Portuguese photographers are often trapped by surrounding them reality of old towns, olive trees and donkeys – cannons of traditional BW Portuguese photography.

I am personally impressed by the fact she didn’t allow herself to become a hostage and she dares to show her real world, not Lisbon Story like frames.

Carolina Lopes, very young photographer from Portugal show her works for the first time in public, and she makes it here on F blog – thank you Carolina.

More works of Carolina you can find on her blog

invited by Marcin Górski

Meeting Marcin

-by Ulla Larsson

This spring Markus Andersson delightfully told me that we were to invite a Polish photographer as exhibitor this autumn. It felt exciting, and now the autumn is here! Marcin Gorski, the photographer, good friend of Markus and a member of Gruppo F, opened his exhibition People I met during the Polish week here in Uppsala.

The first picture is also Marcin’s own choice for exhibition poster. As one chair is free we feel specially invited to the exhibition.

One man, perhaps a waitor, is sitting down in a café in Warsaw. Perhaps he is planning today’s work. A beautiful sunlit wall, with interesting shades and nice lines. The picture has a very classic and
timeless feeling to it, an impression also given by the man’s clothes. The café chair with an elegant back, perhaps in the jugend style, as a piece of jewellery. The pattern of the chair’s seat gives a beautiful shade.

Sorrento, Italy

Here I met an old man with a white cap. The man has a characteristic profile, emitting strength. He holds his hands together. I keep looking at his old hands. It gives me the special feeling, which the French literary critic and philosopher Barthes(1) named “punctum”. I’m fascinated and my imagination tells me that this old man has a long and exciting life story to tell us. The picture seems to be filled with wisdom.

Henryk & Andżelika.

My eye is caught by a very light and positive picture. An old man with tattooes holds a girl with a scarf nicely arranged up in his arms. I’m told that he is usually watching over the small children in the neighbourhood. I see the child’s joy of life and the man’s experience and ability of taking good care.

Man & Plane.

An elegant picture, fine lines and smooth surfaces. Contrasting in an exciting way with the man’s creased clothes. Very interesting composition.

Silesian Songs, old town Gliwice.

Three boys, about twelve, are looking up, meeting the eye of the photographer.
The interesting thing here is that I find three completely different facial expressions. One boy seems curious, the other just happy and the third has a tougher, somewhat questioning expression on his face. Maybe totally different personalities?

The exhibition of Marcin is interesting, beautiful and conveys a warm feeling. I have found many favourites among the photographs and here I only share a small part of the total exhibition.Thank you Marcin for letting us meet the people you have met! Welcome back to us and to our photo gallery. Next stop Warsaw for me.

Warm greetings from Ulla – exhibition group,
Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap UFS

(1)French literary critic, literary and social theorist, philosopher, and semiotician.

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Serious Lightleak

Photo: Mats Äleklint

One Afternoon

Photo: Jeanne Wells

and a damned good afternoon it was, wasn't it Tom?

29 October 2006

Guest: Gerry Johansson

One of the most strange, fascinating and beautiful photobooks I have ever seen is "Sverige" (Sweden) by Gerry Johansson, published in 2005. It is a really outstanding and very inspiring book by a highly creative photographer. Therefore, I was really happy that Gerry accepted my invitation to the F blog and I am honoured to present some of his pictures here.

About his work Gerry says: "I photograph what I find beautiful. That can include both a run-down 1970s urban scene and a romantic rural landscape. My pictures can be seen as a counterweight to the dystopic portrayal of our world in mass media."

The photographs below are from his ongoing exhibition "Landsbygd" (Countryside) at Nordiska museet in Stockholm. You can see the exhibition now and it ends in January 7, 2007. For more information, please look here.

Invited by Fredrik Skott.

Huaröd, Skåne, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.

Godegård, Halland, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.

Brunnskog, Halland, 1989. Photo Gerry Johansson.

Veinge, Halland, 1989. Photo: Gerry Johansson.


When I found the photo "Barber Shop" by Walker Evans
I could not help thinking about another picture. It´s from
another time, created by another photographer...but there
is a resemblance.

Anders asked himself why he did not shoot more interiors.
I ask myself too. "Working Class Hero" is a picture that
inspires me, and hopefully all of you!
- Ulf Fågelhammar

Photographer: Helena Nilsson (one of our invited photographers)

book of questions (first chapter)

1. Who are we?
2. Who is Eugene Extremo von Scannerman?
3. Too emotional?
4. Good or original?
5. Did Velásquez use a camera obscura?
6. Good enough?
7. Alligator Killer Qu'est-ce que c'est?
8. How´s New York?
9. Who turned off the color telly?
10. In what way is Strindberg involved?
11. Is there anybody out there?
12. Where is paradise?
13. Who is the ghost?
14. Warum?
15. Would you like a cup of coffee?
16. Who said that?

The Night Watch

Business as usual

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I did´n want to mix this one. Think she has to be alone in all her beauty

28 October 2006

The Barber Shop

Negro barber shop. Atlanta, Georgia.
Evans, Walker, 1903-1975, photographer.

Interiors are fascinating. I came across this picture while browsing the
FSA archive of more than 160 000 B/W photographs at the Library of
Congress(see F links) The absence of people, the presence of objects.
It´s a kind of picture that leaves a lot to my imagination. I think of the
people coming here to get a haircut, I think of the barbers, the flow
of human life.

saturday night postcard from stockholm

btw. they say, that my students call me mumin...wonder why?

Berlin - Warum bist Du so heiß?

photo: abeku
I've been there again, for a day only. Grabbed my 6x4.5 folder (Westex from the 50's) and shot one roll of film. The average quality of the lens and the light leakage puts the image in an apropriate time frame, I believe. Berlin has more than its dark side of course, but the mixture fascinates me.

Guest: Helena Nilsson

You can fall in love with a ghost and you can fall in love with
the pictures of Helena Nilsson. This one is called "Locked in -
locked out". Good to see you here again Helena.

invited by Ulf Fågelhammar
see more here

I fell in love with a ghost

27 October 2006

Good enough?

photo: Markus Andersson

Is there any..?

Photo Per-Arne Andersson

Guest: Monika Brand

I found Monika´s charming series some time ago. These pictures remind me of the joy of photographing. Invited by Ulf Fågelhammar

Here is what Monika tells us about the pictures:

"My photographer friend Stefanie Schneider and I had the idea to do some fifties pictures. So we needed some models ( no problem, because Stefanie has so many beautiful friends and I have such a daughter with many friends, and we needed a ....location! In our imagination we saw an American Diner filled with all the people of the 50´s Well, we found this location in our town and we were allowed to take our photographs at this place. We were really happy and on edge, because it was our first big session. Finally it was a lovely, funny and pretty chaotic time and wer're really glad with our results. I hope you'll like the pictures, as I do." If you're interested in more, you can have a look here:

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Practical Hainting for Beginners II

photo: Jeanne Wells

Lesson Two: Never put away your toys when you're finished playing. Nothing like a little surprise!