16 May 2007

Lazy day in Newburgh

The Art Motive in Photography

Paul Strand
White Fence
courtesy of Masters of Photography

The last issues of Camera Work edited by Stieglitz and Steichen were
dedicated to the work of Paul Strand. Strand was also writing essays on
photography. This article "The Art Motive in Photography" published in
The British Journal of Photography, Vol.70,pp 612-15, 1923 is interesting,
and has not lost its actuality:

"The unintelligence of present-day photographers, that is of so called pictorial
photographers, lies in the fact that they have not discovered the basic
qualities of their medium, either through the misconceptions of the past
or through working. They do not see the thing which is happening, or
which has happened, because they do not know their own tradition."

Read full article here

I'm wiser now

To: Jeanne, really sorry to miss you here, maybe maybe something could be done anyway. /Dr C.


dreaminess and mist

“I don’t care about making photography an art. I want to make
good photographs. I’d like to
know who first got it into his head
dreaminess and mist is art.”
Edward Steichen, 1923


lunch conversation

picture by Bengt Hanson