14 October 2006

Exhibition in Uppsala

I am honoured to invite everybody to my exhibition in Uppsala (vernissage on 21.10, at 1 p.m.) in Uppsala Fotografiska Sällskap.

Guest: Bengt Björkbom

Roulette Gröna Lund 1964, Leica M3, Canon 1,8/35 mm, Tri-X.
Photo: Bengt Björkbom

I am happy to present one of Bengt´s fine pictures.
I hope to see you again here soon!
invited by ulf fågelhammar

See more of Bengt Björkbom´s great work here

"Student of photograhy and assisting photographer during the 1960´s
later Stockholms Fotografiska skola with techers like Walter Hirsch,
Christer Strömholm, Inge Roos and others.
Exhibited picture at Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1966
Started my street based photography 1959 with a Leica
and I am still using one.
I mostly do black and white photography."


Remix by Jonas Andersson, the master of digital monochromes who I hope will do a guest aperrence in the near future.



Somewhere between here and there, somewhere between now and then...
Not much of an image...rather a sense of an image. Like something you just catch a glimpse of...like seeing something in the corner of the eye...
and try catching it.