23 March 2008

unnecessary groceries

photo: Jeanne Wells


Photographer: Jan Buse

The receipt

Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

F is un-

As you know, dear reader of the F Blog we are trying hard to be un-predictable and un-pretentious. So how about a project exploring relations beween titles of a picture and the picture itself. We would like you to send us pictures titled with the prefix un-. Well, there are a few; unaware, uncertain, undressed, unequal, unexpected, unknown, unlawful, unlikely unnecessary, unofficial...now get a dictionary!

The pictures that introduce this project "Hedgehog having milk" and "Tulips" have nothing to do with the project. Except that they are un-matched in the history of photography, of course. Well, need I say more? Send your contributions to
gruppof-inbox@googlegroups.com .../M. Rurbano

Face to face (95)

Photo: Markus Jenemark