15 April 2008

Jacek Gąsiorowski new exhibition - invitation

Our friend Jacek Gąsiorowski invites us to the vernissage of his exhibition "Portraits" at Melon Gallery (Inżynierska 3) on April 17th at 19.00h.
If you are in Warsaw this day, you shall not miss it (I know the works and I know the program :))/marcin

invited guest: Piotr Kasprzyk

I have been asking Piotr ages for allowing us to show his works in F blog. Over a year of efforts in vain. Piotr, our old friend from Cracow loves to disapear and hide himself as well as his works.

Yesterday he said: ok - the time has come, and he sent me few of his pictures, refusing to say a word about himself.

after a while he told me: hmm, maybe say that what I like most is to smoke cigarets standing on my balcony, just in shorts...

I am sure his pictures says more about him that he or me, or Joanna could say about.
As I know him, he will erase again all his pictures from all of the places, and then the F blog will be unique place where you will be able to meet him.
invited by marcin górski