30 March 2008

Docu 08 - Bethlehem

Bethlehem, 15 February 2008
Photo: Alexandra Fransson

F wall

Photo: Walter Neiger

Face to face (107)

Meeting someone
Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

beginning with F:


You love the F blog projects don´t you? Well here is "the F collection" a fabulous and fancy new task for you F blog addicts out there.

F is fluorine, the sixth letter of the English alphabet,
the fourth tone in the scale of C major. F is also feminine, focal length, forte and function.

And here are some F words to help you get the machinery going: Fable fabric fabulous fabulously facade face face mask face off facial expression fallen false alarm false azalea false lily of the
Valley fatality fates father fatigue faultfinding fencing

fermentation field trip field work fierce fiesta fifties fifty-five fire escape fixed star fixture flag flirt float flood floor flower flute fire foamy focus focused foe fog folding chair folk art folk dance foreground foreign foreplay forest fountain four four o'clock fourteen fracture freely freestyle freeze french french canadian french fries frost frown frozen frozen dessert fruit fruit grower furnish furniture fury fuse futility future and fun!

Dr F
F is places like Fulham, Fairbanks, Frankfurt, Frejus and Finland. It is Fred Flintstone, Freud, Fiat, Ferrari, fairy tales and facts. F is for friends.

This project will run Forever. The project is multilingual. If you have F-photos in Polish, Spanish, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese etc - please go ahead. Just add a translation into English.
Send your contributions to Gruppo F Inbox.

Dr F
The F Blog - unpretentious, unpredictable and unmatched!

Trees (80)

face to face (106)

postcard from: Będzin

photographer: Grzegorz Lizurek


Photo: Bengt Björkbom

Face to face (105)

Photo: Werner Heyckendorff