28 December 2009

Polonia and other fables/ Allan Sekula

American photographer, writer, artist and documentalist - Allan Sekula came to Poland for his first solo show at Zacheta. The exhibition is dealing with the best sort of documentary, social goals in photography, treating history, and... Polish origins. You might know his "Shipwreck and workers" project. Here are some pictures from the expo. Worth coming, till 28 of February.

Allan Sekula, Ladies Auxillary Polish Army Veterans of World War II, Polish Constitution Day parade, 3 May 2008, Chicago/press materials/

Allan Sekula, Farmer threshing grass at abandoned airport used by CIA for transport of clandestine high value terrorism suspects, Szymany, Poland, July 2009/press materials/

Allan Sekula, Mother and child - Taste of Polonia festival, Chicago, September 2007 /press materials/

Allan Sekula explaining his solo exhibition at Zacheta / december 2009

more info about the exhibition: "Polonia and Other Fables" at Zacheta/Warsaw.