30 June 2008

Zoriah: Iraq War Photographer's Diary

The last five weeks in Iraq have been intense.

My trip began with a return to Baghdad ER. Iraq's busiest trauma hospital for combat injuries, it sees its share of the ravages of war.

Moving on to Sadr City, I spent two weeks documenting the wall which now separates between two and four million residents from the rest of the world.

Continuing my documentation of Sadr City, I photographed life in the Jamilla Market. Having sustained severe damage during the weeks of intense fighting, many shops were closed and lines for the few remaining shops were packed tight.

I arrived in Anbar Province a week ago and on my second day was eyewitness to an Al Qaeda suicide bombing and assassination which left over fifty people dead or severely injured.

Not everything has been this intense, I have also had my share of pure boredom and have taken to photographing the graffiti that soldiers write on the walls of the latrines.
text and photos © Zoriah
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