02 June 2007

The GURGLE conspiracy

Why is The Q Blog a part of GURGLE? You and your readers are
in jeopardy! GURGLE is gathering all kind of information about
you! They already know your shoesize, preferred B-movie,

coffee brand and much more stuff.
- Hasta La Vista Crew

We are aware of this. Thanks for reminding us.
GURGLE is certainly
superiour to Hasta La Vista in finding out stuff about people.

But our plan is to go unplugged this summer. We have hired a
tent; "The F tent" There we will recite all the content of the blog
and show the pictures on real paper. This is our way to fight the
GURGLE conspiracy. They will not find us. But you will, dear readers!
- The Editors

the boy and the tree


I don' t like The P Blog. Not. At all. I was looking for pictures
by Henry Prune Robinson
and his followers but found nothing.
It is a shame!
Then you keep saying that a prune is a vegetable.
Now, do you have the book?

Gen. P. Off

i'm so vain

By carrier