15 November 2008

With hands heads and Heart...!

A Woodland Guardian: Part 2

They're very handy for offering directions for those that get lost in the woods. An alternative is to leave a trail of bread behind you, as in 'Hansel and Gretel'.

invited quest: prepare for e-talk with Jesse Marlow

Stay tuned for the e-interview with Jesse Marlow - australian photographer, or better street-photographer and documentary photographer. He is a member of Oculi and in.public. here are some links you should visit before tomorrow ;) (if you haven't seen them yet)
Jesse Marlow website and sites about Mr Marlow in: in.public; worldpressphoto contest;
The e-interview and more pics in the Fblog soon...
photographer: Jesse Marlow, from the series Don't just tell them, show them
/invited by joanna

Reach out to good taste...

"...no heart, no head and no hand."

Invited guest: Liz Wolfe

Conceptually, I'm interested in creating magical worlds, in exploring things that lie beneath the surface, in constructing false realities in which elements of beauty and horror can comfortably coexist. My images are stylized and incorporate obvious conventions of commercial photography, but underneath the seductive sheen of color and fun, something darker lies in wait.

-invited by Lina Nääs