16 January 2007

the importance of...

Sometimes I get afraid that I will end up with lots and lots of photos that I wont understand when I get older. The photos I make today are importent to me now, but maybe not in the future...who knows. But photos of the people around me, the ones important to me, will always be treasured. Therefore I try not to forget them among all my cityscapes and strange abstracts. I don't know if these are of any interrest to someone else but I'll post them anyway.


Andreas I

Anna Maria

Andreas b S

Gruppo F inbox: masquerade

© Darren Hepburn


I totally agree with Jeanette...what´s up with this weather...give me some spring...longing for the sun to hit my face and a clearblue sky to look up at. So I say...spring picnic for everybody...

Longing for spring

Longing for spring, the light, sun and warmth and green frields...

my friends are leaving one by one


For your eyes only pt.4

Well...a few more postcards from Metrograd