12 December 2008


Andrzej Górski, Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, 1972

Group of wonderful people led by Kasia Kalina (know as informal group SODA) decided to use the power of photography and equipped with this tool - to help to those who needs that. First FOTOreAKCJA is a charity action to help school in Bytom educating disabled children. Enthusiasm of those young people allowed to collect unusal and rare collection of photographs (sometimes wonderful signed handprints)  from photographers connected with Gliwice and Upper Silesia (PL). Those photographs will be sold and money gained that way will be used for disabled kids. 

Jerzy Lewczyński, Letter, 1960

Paweł Pierściński, Earth, 1967

Michał Sowiński, Multiplications, 1970

Rafał Milach, Vanishing Circus, 2007 (WPP 2008)

photographers taking part in this FOTOreACTION:

Aleksander Prugar Andrzej Górski Jerzy Lewczyński Jerzy Malinowski Marek Gerstmann Maciej Głowaczewski Marcin Górski Michał Machelski Michał Mrozek Michał Sowiński Michał Szlaga Norbert Dorobisz Paweł Pierściński Piotr Muschalik PoznajGliwice.pl Radosław Kaźmierczak Rafał Milach Rafał Nowakowski Sławoj Dubiel Stanisław Skoczeń Staszek Heyda Tomasz Sinek Tomasz Zdulski Waldemar Jama

more info on FOTOreAKCJA site > (in polish)

The action started today and will last for a week.

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