09 February 2007


Photographer: Linn Tenman

to show something "out there"

"Virtuosi of the noble image like Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand, composing mighty, unforgettable photographs decade after decade, still want, first of all, to show something "out there," just like the Polaroid owner for whom photographs are a handy, fast form of note-taking, or the shutterbug with a Brownie who takes snapshots as souvenirs of daily life."
/Susan Sontag "On photography"

Read excerpt here, and you should read the book. It´s hard to find anything better written about photography.

gruppo F inbox - Karin Stenvall

il communication...

no new year's day to celebrate. no chocolate covered candy hearts to give
away. no first of spring. no song to sing. in fact here's just another
ordinary day. no april rain. no flowers bloom. no wedding saturday within
the month of june. but what it is, is something true. made up of these
three words that i must say to you.
i just called to say i love you. i just called to say how much i care.
i just called to say i love you. and i mean it from the bottom of my heart.
stevie wonder i just call to say i love you

from Monika


Monika Brand was our invited guest in
October 2006 with a very charming set
of pictures. I am glad to have you back Monika. For those of you who can´t
get enough of Monika´s pictures check out her brand new site! - urbano

Diva in the pool

Nude with plant



All pictures by Monika Brand