27 April 2008

F Blog moments

Lately I have been thinking about what the "moment", or even the "descisive moment" is in a photograph. "Only the moment lives - and the moment is eternity" is the title of a film about the Swedish photographer Georg Oddner. It is a beautiful title.

I could make it easy and start to refer to the masters of photography and their interpretation of the moment. But the question is still there. What is the moment in photography?

The older I get, the harder I find it to answer such a question. So, what is your interpretation of the "moment", dear readers and authors of the F Blog. Let us try to find out more about it, exploring the wonders of photography without any ambition to find the "correct "answer to what the elusive moment is all about. You are welcome to send your contributions to Gruppo F Inbox. This project will be labelled "F blog moments.".

Stay tuned.


Trees (85)


Photo: Jan Bernhardtz