30 January 2010

Inbox: Misha Pedan

Exhibition at Galleri KG52 The Earth is Hollow & Open at the Poles.
It ends tomorrow, so hurry up!

Kerstin Kuntze

"Face it"

The face is a mirror of emotion - desire - hope - dream - desaster - future - past - ...
Kerstin want to show the face behind the face - the unspoken - the unseen - the secret ...
Maybe you see parts of the picture as a mirror - and maby it touched you a bit, she says.

Kerstin Kuntze was born 1965 in Cologne, Germany. After studying graphic-design at the the universtity of essen (Folkwangschule), she worked in mayor advertising agencies as an art-director. Picturemaking was always an inward urge. Starting at an early age with drawings, always showing something "human".
She´s now (since 5 years) using photography as a basis to show her view of the world.

You can see more of her work here