18 December 2006

a fox to cure marcins curiousity

Guest: Niklas Ehlén

A photographer I have wanted on this blogg for a long time is Niklas Ehlén, and I am proud to be able to show a picture of him here today. Niklas is a true photographer, showing the difficult world as it is. I have always admired Niklas uncompromising ability to get close to his subjects, and show their world in a compassionate way, although the conditions can be difficult sometimes. This is no-nonsense photography. Well, enough talking by me, (Hope to see more soon!)

This is a lovely Christmas tale, which makes me happy!

Invited by Christian Wettergren


from a zebra's back . . .
© Jeanne Wells

Invited guest: John Strazza

I am truly glad to present pictures by John Strazza. I love his style
his thinking about photography. And I would be delighted to see
his pictures exhibited in Sweden. This will happen, I am
sure of that!
John was kind enough to send me a great deal of
pictures so I will
publish the rest in two or three postings around
Christmas. Thanks
John - you have many friends over here!
invited by ulf fågelhammar

"These are from a series of pinhole images done in NYC .. It's an
oddity, to say the least, to be doing street photography with a pinhole ..
but in the end the experience is similar to that of walking with the
Leica or Nikon ..it's becoming involved with the life of that day and
place that matters most ..

Time, in terms of exposure, is of course an issue .. exposures are
very long and that changes things .. and, for me, color is a part of
these images unlike most of my other street work ..

I must say, these are great fun for me .. and I have a deep satisfaction
when seeing this way .. Pinhole imagery does have some traps .. that
being the novelty of the "pinhole look" and the possible lack of content
beyond it within an image .. when working this way though, I really
forget about the camera and just get into the seeing part .. everything
else is secondary.."

-john strazza

all pictures ©John Strazza

Gruppo F inbox: A bored passenger

©Benny Persson

When I saw Markus Anderssons excellent picture of the sad passenger,
I was thinking of another picture captured by Benny Persson - so I wrote
him an email. And I was happy to hear that he has already found the
F Blog and come to visit us every day. So here - more excellent stuff
concerning passengers! -urbano