08 January 2009

Docu 09: American Consumerism

As Americans we are told from the very beginning that we should always be purchasing products. Generations are raised on the principle that what you own determines who you are. People are constantly shopping to fill this need for merchandise in a materialistic society. Big box corporations realize this so they house massive amounts of goods for the consumer to purchase. Stores sell items from soda to shotguns, basically anything a consumer might be tempted to buy, and most of these products are not a necessity.

American Consumerism shows the locations that influence American shoppers to purchase vast amount of products. These companies know what methods to use that will influence a person’s decision to buy their products. These methods include specific height placement of goods on shelves. Companies place the products they want people to buy at eye level so they can be seen easier. They also know the products use eye-catching labels that grab the shopper’s attention. The heavy repetition of products is also used through out the store. Shelves are constantly stocked and faced with goods that make the consumer feel that there are unlimited amounts of products to purchase. Companies also barrage the consumer with the vast size of the store and the specific arrangement of store isles. Products people purchase the most, like milk, eggs and bread are usually placed in the rear of the store. This forces shoppers to walk through the entire store and be prone to the company’s persuasion to buy their products.

With my photography I hope to pull people away from the company’s persuasive grip. I want them to realize the kinds of places they spend so much money and time in. Maybe then will people start to change their buying habits and give more thought to where they go shopping.

- Keith Yahrling

All photographs and text by Keith Yahrling. Please check out his highly interesting homepage.

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