29 June 2007

The Swedish summer - a perfect illusion

The Church has since long lost its influence over peoples minds and souls
in Sweden. Even the social democratic party and the idea of the Swedish
model seem to be a bit off. But the grand illusion of the Swedish Summer is
in good health as always. But perhaps the time has come to make dreams
come true? Nobody will admit it but the news about The Global Heating
make people here beleive that there is a way to fix the Swedish summer
once and for all. High pressure and 25C all of June, July and August.

Well, we haven´t heard a lot about the Heating here lately, perhaps because
of the weather forecast for the coming weeks; 15-20C, cloudy, rainy and windy.

Have a look at the picture above showing three persons. My guess is that
they are Swedes touring their own country. It´s raining. The Tourist Information
could not help - most of the fun is outdoors. They don´t look like they want
to visit a museum or so. One of the men is swearing over his camera,
the other seems to be dreaming of foreign places, like The Caribbean or
whatever. The woman is trying to protect herself from the cold, Arctic rain.
Poor souls.
-urbano (this post is supposed to be funny. Ha..ha..hrmm.)

now and then

Every now and then/ you hold me/ and now and then/ you're thereevery now and then/ you show meand now and then/ you care now and then you love me/ now and then/ means everything to me/ 'now and then' - archive

then it was the most important public place for sports and official meetings - as for the 1st of may, and the reiging communist party day, etc... now it's the biggest market in the central europe (!) or ever further! multilanguage place, various skin color, any-thing for sell! after the busy day from 3 a.m. till 3 p.m. it looks strangly deserted. it will all be deserter in a few months time, as the local policies are going to build there a brand new stadium...

28 June 2007

Just another day for you and me...

...but most of all for them.
Picture by© Viktor Gårdsäter

27 June 2007


GBG Trainstation aug 2006

How to enjoy Pakistani Chaunsa mango

Well, have a look... I was unaware of the fabulous Chaunsa mangos, until
they suddenly showed up in
my local supermarket. Yummi.

26 June 2007

Kasia Kryńska - Rome

this picture brings me back to Rome AD 2007, 
although when I think of it, it could be done anywhere else, any other time...


Staszek Heyda - meaningless picture

Meaningless pictures sometimes start to mean something and their value suddenly grows.
We make them for fun, subconsciously, or ‘cause we need them for something, then we forget about them. Hills of negatives, thousands of files lies somewhere, forgotten and…waits.

Few months ago, ordering family pictures I found something that waited to be discovered.

Portrait of my mom, made at the London train station. 1977. Watching plenty of covered by dust pictures, just this sequence of pictures attracted my attention.
I showed this picture to my mom, who didn’t see this picture for at least 20 years. It appeared that the moment of taking the picture and the context is still very vivid in her memory.
She started to talk, explain, that she didn’t know how to pose, that it was just waste and that she has no idea how it happens that this picture, which supposed to be thrown away is still in family archives.

For me this image is frank and funny, and the time gave it additional value. Ordinary occupation – play in the photo box, which was capture, suddenly, today, after 30 years became an image that helps to keep in the memory the person and the time…and this is why we, perhaps, make majority of the pictures.

One more thing…for me, all of this shows how we are helpless against…photography. At the very moment of its creation, photography starts its individual life.

I am very happy this, very important picture came to my hands after 30 years.

Portrait of a friend

picture by Christian Wiedel

23 June 2007

Fabryka Drutu in Gliwice

few pictures from just opened photo gallery in Gliwice, placed in old Factory of Wires (Fabryka Drutu).
Pictures are taken during opening action called Halo!gen.
Currently gallery presents series Nikisz by Michał Łuczak.

It's going to be cult place, I belive.

expanding boundaries

picture by Darren Hepburn

22 June 2007

Jewish Museum, Berlin

pictures by ©Jos Jacobson


irrational space can be found in any city. the real character of the citizens can be reveald in analyse how do they make this surrounding "their" own. it's not about the city. it's about us.


How things should be!

What is it with expectations?
What is it with remembering?

summer feeling

picture by Ulf Börjesson

21 June 2007

Four core principles

From the Convention on the Rights of the Child: non-discrimination; devotion to the best interests of the child; the right to life, survival and development; and respect for the views of the child.

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li'l T

picture by Ulla Larsson

never-ending duel

20 June 2007

Human Investigation

I have a lifelong project: HUMAN INVESTIGATION. When I visited
"Fotobiennalen i Skåne" in March 2007 I found something remarkable
in a mysterious place. A translucent human being, like a saviour
standing on a podium. Not a work of art - the creature only stood
there in a dark room as a description humanity. My camera saw
through the creature and discovered further human peculiaritys...

Text and picture© Nils Bergqvist

5th Photo Festival in Herault

30 artist with their photographies will be hosted since tonight by vingards and castels of Southern France. You will have a chance to see works of Yann Arthus Bertrand, photographers of Photo Clube Midi Libre and guests from Poland: Joanna Kinowska, Artur Alan Willmann and Marcin Górski, and much more. Festival finnish at the end of summer. Mediterrean coast of Languedoc, vine and photography - not a bad combo, imo.

invited guest: Mikaela Lundin



I started to photograph in High School (Media), and learned a bit about
dark room processing, medium formate photography, studio photography
and so on. However I did not continue after leaving high school. After trying
various jobs like music reporter, waitress and assistant at an accounting firm
I started a rock club with a friend in Stockholm; Club Nirvana. I was hostess,
DJ and I also booked bands.


During this
time at the club I took up photographing again. I went to concerts
and festivals always
with my camera. I decided to commit myself to
photography and applied for the vocational training at Kulturama Photography
School. After being there for two years my
photography vision and skills have
improved, I have struggled in the darkroom and become a quite good copist.



I want my pictures to have attitude and contrast and most of the time they
are in Black and White.
During the years at Kulturama Photography School
Misha Pedan was my main teacher and mentor but I also had the honor to
meet excellent photographers there like
Gunnar Smoliansky, Anders Petersén,
Nina Korhonen,
Dawid and others as guest teachers.

It has been an inspiring time for me but now and I am ready to go out on my
own and tell the world how I feel about things.



© Mikaela Lundin www.mikaelalundin.com
invited by ulf fågelhammar

01. Blowsight, Klubben, Stockholm.www.blowsight.com
02. Crucified Barbara, Klubben, Stockholm.www.crucifiedbarbara.com
03. Backyard Babies, Debaser Medis, Stockholm.www.backyardbabies.com
04. Backyard Babies, Debaser Medis, Stockholm. www.backyardbabies.com
05. Hardcore Superstar, Klubben, Stockholm.www.hardcoresuperstar.com
06. Hardcore Superstar, Klubben, Stockholm.
07. Hellacopters, Rock classics-cruise (Viking Line)www.hellacopters.com