29 May 2008

invited photographer: Félix Cúneo Escamilla

"As a photographer born and living in a port, the port of Veracruz, my work is, in most cases, about the sea and the people of the port. Images of ships, sailors and mythological marine fauna.

In my work I try to stick to the idea that photography has to be fun and spontaneous, I want to see with the same enthusiasm as a child, observing the street and what surrounds me with fantasy and excitement as if I saw it for the first time.

I am not bound by rigorous aesthetics or technical aspects of photography, I photograph to remember and to feel good and always with the intention to leave something to the people who view my work." - Félix Cúneo Escamilla

Félix Cúneo Escamilla was born in Veracruz, Mexico 1974. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Veracruz. He began his photographic training in 1992 in the Visual Arts Workshops of Veracruz.

Felix has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. He has been giving workshops on the photographic image in the "Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad Veracruzana" and "Universidad Cristóbal Colón de Veracruz".

His photographic work has been published by various media, such as Southern Veracruz, AZ, La Jornada, Reform, Mural Agency Process Agency Jammedia and The Washington Post.

Felix currently works in the Department of "Conservación y Reproducción de la Fototeca de Veracruz" and as a freelance photographer. See more of his work here.

invited by ulf fågelhammar