31 January 2008

Special K...

Brian Molko / Placebo / Warsaw 07


Music - a mini project in F major

Cortegen - photo by Per-Arne Andersson

Is music essential, vital, indispensable or necessary? There are probably even more adjectives to find when speaking of music and the importance of it. F loves music and at least three of the authors of the blog are apart from being great photographers, also excellent musicians. We find it hard to imagine people saying that music is insignificant or unimportant or secondary (it’s like someone saying that they don’t like the F blog, isn’t it?)

When the music has silenced- trombonist Mats Äleklint
photo by: Mikael Jansson

So here we go. This mini project will rock. We want your best pictures from concerts (symphonic, metal, choirs, hip-hop etc), people playing instruments (or just pictures of instruments), vocalists, street musicians…you name it. And if you can visualize a song by Leonard Cohen, one of Mozart’s piano concerts or a saxophone solo by John Coltrane we would be in heaven.

If you have seen the newly released film “Control” about Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, you will find an excellent connection between the art forms photography and music. Anton Corbijn directs the film.

Photo by: Ulla Larsson

Are you ready? Let’s go then. Send your contributions to Gruppo F Inbox. Stay tuned to F - we are there for Photograhy.

Trees (54)

Photographer: Per-Arne

Face to Face (49)

Face to face (48)

Photographer: Grzegorz Lizurek

Trees (53)

photographer: Markus Jenemark

Trees (52)

photographer: Werner Friedli

Trees (51)

photographer: Joni Karanka

30 January 2008

Dining Out On Mt. Seymour

Photographer: Donna Devine

Trees (50)

Photographer: Walter Neiger

Trees (49)

Real Estate
Photographer: John Goldsmith

invited guest: Luis Jorge Gallegos

La atracción del circo
La magia del circo es y ha sido representada de mil maneras. En escultura, en pintura, en cine y en fotografía. Principalmente en lo visual. Ya que el circo tiene miles de formas de ser caracterizado, que en realidad podría serlo en todo lo imaginable. Es por eso que abordar el tema se complicaba, porque sabía que existían muchos trabajos principalmente fotográficos, muy importantes. Por lo que sería complejo iniciar la incursión sin repetirme en lo ya existente.

You will have the complete text by Luis Jorge Gallegos in Castellano. This is just a short summary in English: The magic of the circus has been depicted in art in several ways- in sculpture, painting, film and photography. It was therefore quite difficult to find a way to treat the subject – there are so many important photographs already existing. I decided to fragmentize the circus acts in my photographic interpretation. I want to present images not too explicit or obvious, but rather a fragment of reality, something that is not self-evident. You may call it minimalism. The photos presented here are a result of many months work and this is the first time they are shown in public. /Ulf

Por lo que decidí fragmentar fotográficamente los actos circenses, como todo aquello existente y característico del mismo circo, por dos razones básicas. Por un lado presentar imágenes y que, lo que observaras en ellas no fuera explicito, que fuera un trozo de realidad de algo creemos que es, pero no es, simplemente, nos imaginamos sin certeza, más que los recuerdos de los símbolos del inconsciente y eso nos permita imaginar, reacción natural que provoca la esencia y la magia del circo, pero en fotografías.

Y por otro lado dentro de las mismas imágenes nos permitieran observar y valorar con mayor detalle lo que no es perceptible a la vista del espectador desde una butaca. Ésta forma de expresión que presento hoy se acerca a la que en la pintura se le conoce como una mirada “minimalista”.

Esto que les muestro es el resultado del trabajo de varios, varios meses que hoy expongo en público por primera vez ante ustedes. Confió que los resultados serán positivos.

I live in Mexico City and have studied photography in various schools in Mexico. I have also held many exhibitions and my photos have been published in newspapers and magazines. I have recently finished a book with interviews of photojournalists from various countries who have worked in Mexico. I am planning to publish the “Circo” project in the near future. Apart from that I am working on a book about photojournalists of the 19th century in Mexico City

27 January, 2008
Luis Jorge Gallegos / fotógrafo
(invited by ulf fågelhammar)

Demolition in Stockholm

Photographer: Henrik Isaksson

kiosk, Ukraine (2)

Lviv, Ukraine

29 January 2008

Thousands of negatives of pictures by Robert Capa found in Mexico

The New York Times reports that three cardboard valises with over 3 000 negatives by Robert Capa has been found in Mexico City. Capa himself thought that these negatives were lost forever. They are reported to be in good condition. An amazing story.

I can´t help but thinking what will happen to the pictures of our times stored on CD or computers. Will they be around in 70 years to come? /Ulf

coming exhibition: White Sea Black Sea

Jens Olof Lasthein has spent six years travelling and photographing along the eastern border of the European Union - from the White Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. The photographs to be exhibited are from Transylvania, Russia, Moldavia and Belarus. This visual journey along the border of two worlds will open on 15 March 2008, Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Be there.

the dogmatics

Photographer: Jan Buse

Kiosk, Ukraine

"The photo is taken in Uman, Ukraine.To me this kiosk is not only an intriguing example of soviet architecture, but also a great symbol of the pragmatic mentality of the Ukrainians. Soviet-style buildings like these are still in use. Not out of respect for their historical and cultural values, but because they are there and they still work."
Photographer: Oscar Mannbro

27 January 2008

kiosk with the view to the ocean

Kiosk on wheels

Photographer: GC

Trees (48)

Photographer: Darren Hepburn

Kiosk in Paris

Photographer: Walter Neiger

Face to face (45)

Łukasz Kuś: Survivors

63 years ago, on January 27, 1945, Red Army soldiers liberated KL Auschwitz-Birkenau.
This is a documentary project presenting portraits of former prisoners of KL Auschwitz - Birkenau - German nazis death camp, which was located in Oświęcim, Poland during the time of World War II.
The photographs presented in the F Blog are only a part of a very big 'collection' I made in last few years.
It was one of my hardest-to-realize photoprojects. Those people (of course not only, because there is a lot more that survived Auschwitz and other death camps) are the last eye-witnesses of one of the biggest crimes in the world history, so bad that every day there is less and less of them. I hope that my photos can help to remember them.

Wanda Sawkiewicz

Dyonizy Lechowicz

Henryk Mandelbaum

Kazimierz Piechowski

David Lachman

Władysław Bartoszewski

Bolesław Staroń

Helena Buczkowska

Alojza Trembicka-Kleta i Alojzy Kleta
Łukasz Kuś, 1984, freelance photographer and graphic designer located in Oświęcim, Poland.
More of his works you may find here. Łukasz was already guest of F blog before, with the Carp Story.
invited by Marcin Górski

Trees (47)

photographer: Richard Brocklesby

26 January 2008

Face to face (44)

Photographer: Mattia Marchi

Kiosk (4)

Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Trees (46)

Uprooted Tree
Photo: Phonda Prince