13 March 2008

invited guest: Sylwester Rozmiarek


london/united kingdom
all photos are presented as full frames of negatives. they were taken with standard lens/angle view 50 mm. they are telling stories... about you and me.
/invited by joanna/


Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

In the street - Palermo, Italy

Photo: Mirko Caserta

Postcard from: Mörrum

Photo: Benny Persson


Photo: Jan Bernhardtz

About The F Blog projects

The first day of this year 2008, we released three projects that are meant to run all of the year; Face to Face, Docu 08 and Trees. We are glad to receive so many contributions to the projects - the actual standing is Face to Face (92 postings), Trees (69) and Docu 08 (10). However this is of course not mainly about quantity - we want you to go on sending great quality photographs related to the projects. You will find all information you need in small introductions to each project.

The mini projects will come and go and we finish a couple of them today. Still featured are Shopwindows, Houses and Kitchen. We remind you that there is no obligation to stick to the featured projects. If you want to share pictures related to previous mini projects, please do.There is a growing list of such projects; café, street corners, reality or fiction, kiosk, hair and music - they are still with their labels active. If you have any suggestions about new mini projects - don´t hesitate to send us a line.

Postcard from: This is a way to emphasize the international charachter of the F blog. We want pictures from the city, town or village where you live. So, please no postcards from your holidays. This project will run forever - or at least as long as the F Blog is around.

postcard from: warsaw