29 June 2007

The Swedish summer - a perfect illusion

The Church has since long lost its influence over peoples minds and souls
in Sweden. Even the social democratic party and the idea of the Swedish
model seem to be a bit off. But the grand illusion of the Swedish Summer is
in good health as always. But perhaps the time has come to make dreams
come true? Nobody will admit it but the news about The Global Heating
make people here beleive that there is a way to fix the Swedish summer
once and for all. High pressure and 25C all of June, July and August.

Well, we haven´t heard a lot about the Heating here lately, perhaps because
of the weather forecast for the coming weeks; 15-20C, cloudy, rainy and windy.

Have a look at the picture above showing three persons. My guess is that
they are Swedes touring their own country. It´s raining. The Tourist Information
could not help - most of the fun is outdoors. They don´t look like they want
to visit a museum or so. One of the men is swearing over his camera,
the other seems to be dreaming of foreign places, like The Caribbean or
whatever. The woman is trying to protect herself from the cold, Arctic rain.
Poor souls.
-urbano (this post is supposed to be funny. Ha..ha..hrmm.)

now and then

Every now and then/ you hold me/ and now and then/ you're thereevery now and then/ you show meand now and then/ you care now and then you love me/ now and then/ means everything to me/ 'now and then' - archive

then it was the most important public place for sports and official meetings - as for the 1st of may, and the reiging communist party day, etc... now it's the biggest market in the central europe (!) or ever further! multilanguage place, various skin color, any-thing for sell! after the busy day from 3 a.m. till 3 p.m. it looks strangly deserted. it will all be deserter in a few months time, as the local policies are going to build there a brand new stadium...