15 November 2007

regarding hunting seasons and other delights...

The annual elk hunting season has just passed.
This is the time when we men pretends to be real MEN,
go out in the woods drink vodka and shoot things.

Sometimes even elks.

Fjärde världen (fourth world)

A Swedish hip hop group.
Photographs by © Saga Berlin

Saga says: " My idea for the pictures is based on the group´s lyrics and the band members every day life. They are three very different persons, the only thing they have in common is their background and their great love of music. I built a living room that could belong to each one of them. They could bring things from their own living rooms. Things that should tell something about their personalities including other random things. I fixed some furniture and the lighting. The idea was that all three of them should be able to feel at home in that room although it is very different from their own places.

The title of their new album is "World´s end" and I felt like I wanted to make it less dramatic and visualize the fact that "world´s end" is closer to our living rooms than we realize."