10 May 2009

Woman, found in Uppsala, 2009



Stefan Bladh was born 1976 in Örebro, and he lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stefan has been working as a professional photographer since 2002. He works mainly on his own projects, and travels constantly in eastern Europe and middle Asia. Stefan has been following and documenting a nomadic family around Anatolia for seven years and now releasing his first photographic book about their life. Beside that Stefan has been working with a project called "Eclipse" from the Black Sea region, a project still in progress.

In january 2009 he was invited to participate in an artist residence by Atelier de visu in Marseille."

The attached photos are from the project "Eclipse" - a personal story from the Black Sea region. A state of mind and a reflection of an area where the dark history still is present.

Se more at: www.stefanbladh.se