31 January 2007


If you're travellin from Stockholm to Oslo you should look to your right while passing Karlskoga.


A picture taken in Edinburgh moons ago with Ilford HP5 film.
photographer: Darren Hepburn

I wannabe on the way to Riograd...


Photo: Cathrine Bärgman

Check out her previous guest appareance here on the F-blog

I wannabe Jeanne whoWannabe Umma whoWannabe J Sebring

But there´s a reason why Jeanne is Jeanne and Umma is Umma
and Joakim is Joakim and me being me
We are all best at being ourselfs

I Wannabe Umma whoWannabe J Sebring

about someplace hot . . .

Wannabe J.Sebring

A photo from last summer

Where the dust covers everything and it´s hard to breathe

when love comes to town....

i was a sailor, i was lost at sea. i was under the waves
before love rescued me. i was a fighter, i could turn on a thread.
now i stand accused of the things i've said.
love comes to town i'm gonna jump that train!
when love comes to town i'm gonna catch that flame!
maybe i was wrong to ever let you down but i did what i did
before love came to town...
U2 - when love comes to town

To mr M - welcome to Gothrograd!

and how about a meeting at the headquater?