02 November 2007

Darkest blue of all: organ

Joanna´s color photos made me think of a book I read some years ago; Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Wassily Kandinsky originally published in 1911. A translation by M.T.H Sadler from 1914 is available on the net. Try also this gutenberg project page. "The inner need is built up of three mystical elements: (1) Every artist, as a creator, has something in him which calls for expression (this is the element of personality). (2) Every artist, as child of his age, is impelled to express the spirit of his age (this is the element of style)--dictated by the period and particular country to which the artist belongs (it is doubtful how long the latter distinction will continue to exist). (3) Every artist, as a servant of art, has to help the cause of art (this is the element of pure artistry, which is constant in all ages and among all nationalities)." Kandinsky´s color theory is interesting and the book is a joy to read. On this page from the Arnold Schönberg Center you will find the colours listed and their connection to music. For example you will find out about the color blue: deep, inner, supernatural, peaceful “Sinking towards black, it has the overtone of a mourning that is not human.” “typical heavenly color”

light blue: flute

darker blue: cello

darkest blue of all: organ

Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866 and died in France 1944.
The painting above; On White II 1923; Oil on canvas, 105 x 98cm;
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris