11 December 2006

invited guest: Skorj

I recently bought a book by the amazing japanese photographer Daido Moriyama and got very curious about japanese photography. My curiousity made me have a walk around the internet to see what I could find. Suddenly I found some breathtaking photos by a photographer named Skorj. I'm very delighted to be able to present them to you.
invited by: markus andersson

"Life is about the feelings we take from being. Photography is a combination of our memories and the tools we use. Finding the right tool to represent the memories is difficult sometimes. Sometimes the tool overrides the memory. I try and use my camera & film to represent the memories, the feelings, what I had from being there... Not the memories of the equipment, but the memories from me, the memories of a life in Japan.

The lonely windswept castle, the radio-tower dreams of modernity, the mists covering a mystical lake, the proud oba-san and motorman with his 1950s machine.

This work was taken with a 1975 Polaroid 195, and Type-665
negative film cleared in the field with mugi-cha.

More can be found at: www.filmwasters.com"


pretty far from tiger woods

Anually in april the US Masters are played at Augusta National Golf Club.
At approximatly the same time the Marholmen minigolf course reopens after the winterbrake...
if the weather admits it.

10 swedish crowns for 18 holes.
Club, ball and scorecard with pen included.

and best of all, there are no dressingcode, so if you want to play in pyjamas that is totally OK.

photos: christofer grandin