29 January 2007

Misha Pedan - coming exhibition

Read all about the coming exibition. Opens on 1 February 2007.

photographer ©Misha Pedan

invited guest: Mia Olofsson

I came across Mia´s pictures just recently. And it was like coming back to
what is is all about - the joy of seeing, the magic of
making pictures.
- invited by ulf fågelhammar

"I am convinced that we are able to change the world. We just have to keep
on trying and fighting for what we believe in. I like to
capture photos that feel
more powerful than what the truth is."
- Mia Olofsson

Check out Mia´s sparkling page at http://himmel.pannkaka.nu

I promise you that I will ask Mia to come back here soon
and share some of her energy! -urbano

invited guest: Piotr Walski

I know Piotr for few years already. First, I’ve seen his pictures on Polish photoportal – impressive portraits. We live close to each other, so we started to meet with Piotr, Marta and their cat Leon. Piotr was always full of doubts about his photography, always to shy his works in other places then this Polish photo site. After few years of his friends hard work on convincing him to share it wider, Piotr decided finally to present his works in real life. His exhibition was a great success. I hope it will give him courage to share more often with us his works.
Piotr is picturing his life, his family, workers of his firm, people he meets during his trips. No sophisticated philosophy, just documenting his every day life.

Photography allows me to get a right distance to surrounding me world. Thanks to photography I am able to domesticate my everyday life.

I adore photography. In both forms – passive, when I watch pictures touching to bones, and active – registering world by myself. I believe there is no need of talking more of my pictures – they should talk on their own.

Piotr Walski (1971) was born and lives till today in Sosnowiec. He studied in AGH University of Science and Technology. He works as civil engineer in his own firm. Besides photography he loves traveling.

More works of Piotr you can find on his website.
invited by Marcin Górski

Salvation, etcetera . . .

© Jeanne Wells