23 December 2006

lost and found

Two days ago friend of mine called me telling that in my faculty it was find a hidden under the stairs of major aula old photographic lab. Several of other labs were already liquidated few years ago, before I started to work. I was told that all of photographic gear (LF and MF cameras, enlargers for big prints and so on) where devastated by the liquidation commission due to some barbarian rules, not allowing to sell or give to anybody liquidated equipment.
Commission is obliged to destroy the equipment before it will be thrown away.

This time my friend and me run to rescue what possible.
The commission was fast and scruples. They already destroyed the gear (8 and 16mm movie cameras and projector) and packed almost all of the negatives, glass plates and diapositives into rubbish bags. We digged there and what seemed to be interesting we simply stolen (by the definition of those surreal regulations). Majority of the material it was simply didactic support, bases of lectures or lectures itself. Plenty of them were records of researches made in situ and in labs.
But there were pearls – documentary of private life of my university stuff from 1945 till 1980s. I will try to show you what we found.

Thanx for Zygmunt Bartoszek who alerted and was my partner in this crime.

The choice of first post was random – a picture from series of MF negatives dated 1980, unknown author.

invited guest: Ida Borg

Once in a while you stumble on photographs that looks and feels slightly different from anything else you've seen. Such was the case with Ida Borgs photos for me when I found this photograh. Ofcourse I mailed her and asked her to show some of her work on the F Blog. I'm very pleases that she accepted my invitation so ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Ida Borg!
invited by markus andersson

"my pictures are proofs. i was here. and you to."