23 December 2006

invited guest: Ida Borg

Once in a while you stumble on photographs that looks and feels slightly different from anything else you've seen. Such was the case with Ida Borgs photos for me when I found this photograh. Ofcourse I mailed her and asked her to show some of her work on the F Blog. I'm very pleases that she accepted my invitation so ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Ida Borg!
invited by markus andersson

"my pictures are proofs. i was here. and you to."


Anonymous said...

There is a sadness in your photos that strikes me, a pain.

I like them very much, specially nr 1,2 and 5 that feels very strong.

Anonymous said...

Contemplative work, a viewer's perspective. I like this! Thanks for sharing, Ida!

Fredrik Skott said...

Ida, this is wonderful pictures. Thank you very much for sharing them on the F blog. As Christofer I specially like nr 1, 2 and 5 but everyone of them are really good.

Anonymous said...

very personal work, I am happy we have chance to see your pictures here

mrurbano said...

Hej Ida och God Jul
Hello Ida and Merry Christmas
What a delight to see your pictures, the rosebuds, the dark clouds the deep green
I am fascinated by your work
and hope to see more!