26 April 2009

Claudio Edinger: From Jesus to Miracle

From Jesus to Miracles, 
-The Hinterland of Bahia-

Bahia is located right in the heart of Brazil. This is not accident. The region carries the emotion and intensity to match the geographical location. Bahia has generated the music of Gaetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil and the literature of Jorge Amado. There one also finds “Literatura de Cordel”, popular stories all written in verse as well as Candomble, Brazil’s own version of the fascinating African religion which, here, mixes African gods with Catholic saints.

The Sertao of Bahia – its hinterland – has been the stage of several conflicts and is plagued by perennial, severe drought. This has created a very industrious and sturdy people who are survivors. Claudio Edinger has photographed this region between the two cities of Bom Jesus da Lapa and Milagres, for two years (2005-2007) and has created an unique body of work, all shot in colour, with 4x5” camera.

Brazilian born Claudio Edinger is the author of several award winning books, including „Chelsea Hotel”, „Venice Beach”, „Carnaval”, „Madness” and „Old Havana”. His photographs have appeared in all major magazines around the world. His works has been exhibited at The International Center of Photography (NY), Centre Gorges Pompidou (France), Photographer’s Gallery (UK), Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo and Museu de Arte Moderna (Brazil) among others. He has been awarded The Leica Medal of Excellence twice (1983 and 1986), The Ernst Haas Award (1990), The Pictures of the Year Award (1996), The Porto Seguro Award (Brazil, 2007) and Higashika Award (Japan, 1999), for Best Foreign Photographer of the Year.
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invited by Marcin Górski