02 February 2007


invited guest: Gyula Fazakas (part two)

"I take underwater pictures but as under the water surface the
pressure is unbearable without protective clothes, I thought to
create my pictures on the shore for a while."

- Gyula Fazakas

All photos by Gyula Fazakas


Tio Armindo "Pouca-sorte"

Tio Armindo was one of most important people in my life, although he had never realized that. Man who started the avalanche of events. Tio Armindo "Pouca-sorte" – uncle Armindo "Bad luck", nobody knows why he was called this way, cause it was the happiest person in the village, and he used to bring luck to others.
He brought me as well.
He passed away few days ago. I will always remember him sitting still on Praca of Proenca a Velha as on this picture - picture which changed my life.

Sally Mann in Stockholm

Shiva At Whistle Creek, 1992. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery and Sally Mann

Sally Mann. Foto: Jacob Ehrbahn

If you are in town be sure not to miss this exhibition presenting
pictures by the great Sally Mann. It opens tomorrow February 3
and will be on until May 6.

The exhibition is held at Kulturhuset. Sally Mann will participate in person
on the opening day in a seminar and she will also be signing her books.

At Warm Springs, 1991. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery and Sally Mann

Read all about the exhibition at Kulturhuset. (link to info in English)


I'll be sleeping on floors for the next couple of months