07 May 2008

how not to with a holga

How to not make photographs

Usually mr Hasselblad hangs on my shoulder. He likes taking pictures all by himself.

How to not make a photograph

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How to not make a photograph:

I think it is a dove...

How to not make a photograph

Sneak, get close and shoot!

how to not (4)

Considering the cost of polaroid film and it's impending demise I consider the attached a travesty of a photograph!
photo: Thom Sanders

Toy Cameras, 20-year old film, and light leaks (3)

How to not make a photograph (2)

1.Buy your film at a flea market
2. Shoot the film with a camera from a discount store.
3. Leave the film lying around for ages.
4. Develop the film in wintertime in your parents’ basement where all your liquids have reached the cozy temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

5. Cut the negatives in the wrong places.

6. Use a crappy scanner.

Postcard from Yngveland

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Los Angeles
Photo: Ulla Larsson