20 December 2007

boring postcards

Several days ago a friend showed me a book called, Boring Postcards. I looked the book up on Amazon.com to find out more about it. I found out there is one from the US and one from the British Isles. From the book description of the US version:

"You know those old postcards that show the local meatpacking factory in all its cinder-block glory or the sickening color scheme of a cheap '70s motel room? Well, here they are. Beginning with panoramas of highways in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and other U.S. states, Boring Postcards segues to truck stops, restaurants, motor inns, malls, airports, military bases, factories, tools, and automobiles. Every image is certifiably boring, whether by dint of a photographer's ineptitude (dead-on views taken from too far away) or the sorry state of corporate architecture and interior design. And yet, as earnest advertisements for the American Way of Life, they all radiate a sunny faith in the uniqueness and desirability of whatever they portray" by Cathy Curtis

I found the pictures fascinating, not boring at all, not even banal...just honest photography from the 50's and 60's. And after looking at the book I had to create a boring postcard of my own!

Photo by Rhonda Prince

Oslo in December

Photos by Espen T. Aasheim