28 March 2008

Growing up time - slideshow

After ten mounths of photographing I decided to clouse some stage of my project - "Growing up time". I was photographing moment between growing up and adulthood. It is a resume time for this project. I`ve made a slideshow to collect all pictures and try to edit them in a story. Maybe there are to many photographs, but I hope you will enyoy it. Just "click" HERE.

Some of this pictures are in a F-Blog project - Face to Face.

Trees (78)

photo: Michael Morris

Face to Face (100)

photographer: Dorota Oza Karecka

postcard from Fundao

It's (F)riday!

photo: Jeanne Wells

A little good old fashioned large format skew for today's Daily Print -- I'd like to add a special thank you to F Blog readers around the world for their support with this project. The more the merrier!

postcards from Warsaw

photographer: Bruno Espadana
stay tuned, more from Bruno soon/marcin

Face to face (99)

Photo: Krister Kleréus