30 November 2009

Claudio Edinger: Paris

for those who are in Sao Paulo tonight.

Claudio Edinger's new exhibition opening. Dreamy 4x5" T&S pictures from Paris. The F Blog strongly recommends.

Claudio was our guest in April, take a look at his other series at The F Blog.

28 November 2009


Something about autumns and the feeling of beeing forgotten...


olives collecting, carvalhal, pt

26 November 2009

Gruppo F Inbox: M. Brady - Taken identity

Humans are alone with their secrets.
Masked and anonymous. No one truly knows them.

18 November 2009

gruppo F Inbox: Fredrik Skott - "E45"

 from the first roll I developed in Portugal, another 30 are waiting :)

12 November 2009

Exhibition in Gothenburg

This weekend you will be able to see our old friend Espen Aasheims photos in a gallery in Gothenburg. Don't miss it if you're around!

11 November 2009

Some sketches

Here are some sketches for a project I'm working on at the moment. It will be exhibited in the spring of 2011 so there's still plenty of time to fine tune it.

fall in love!

thinking of spring, again...