11 April 2007


TITLE: Farewell to home--emigrants bound for England and America--
on steamer at Göteborg, Sweden

CREATOR: Underwood & Underwood.

Mr Hepburns picture "Clock" made me think of how over a million people
from Sweden to America during the last half of the 19th century
and the
first decades of the 20th century. Only between 1887-1892 over
250 000 people emigrated from Sweden. They
landed in New York and many
moved on westwards.

Sweden had a population of just 4, 8 million in 1890 and most of the
people who left were young, so this was a major historic event.


The photo was taken in an abandoned house in County Mayo, Ireland. The clock is the one that once sat on the mantelpiece before the house was claimed by the sea. There are also many other houses in a state of abandonment that have been deserted by people emigrating to the UK, US and beyond.
- By Darren Hepburn

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