19 February 2008

invited guest: Alberto Lizaralde

Alberto Lizaralde is 29 years old and from Madrid (Spain). The pictures shown here on the F Blog are all (except the first one) from a project called 24 Hours With Rakesh. It is a work in progress that you can follow on Alberto´s blog. '24 Hours With Rakesh' is the story of a normal day in the life of one children of New Light, a Non Govermental Organisation (NGO) in Kolkata (India). Alberto followed the boy all the day: when he was sleeping, eating, learning at school, playing...

New Light is a day care center and 24 hours shelter in the red light area of Kalighat in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata. There are some 102 children of sex workers enrolled in this center, they are provided with free fooding, education and there are some 25 of these children who permanently reside in this shelter.
The mission of New Light is to promote gender equality through education and life-skill training, thereby reduce harm caused by violence and abuse to women and young children.
/invited by ulf fågelhammar

Trees (67)

photographer: Mirko Caserta

Face to face (73)

Photographer: Tatiana Bitir


Photo: Krister Kleréus

Four polish ITF graduates' exhibition in Opava, Czech Republic

Krzysztof Goluch, Staszek Heyda, Andrzej Marczuk and Magda Sokalska.
Opening: 26 II 2008, 17:00. "Dum Umeni" in Opava, Pekarska 12 st.
Exhibiton will be open to 30 III 2008.

William Schmidt on Kerouac's road (2)

continuation of Bill Schmidt's saga from 1975, see also former post with explination

stay tuned, more pictures will come soon

Mr Urbano's friend, Helen

Photographer: Rhonda Prince