16 November 2006

gruppo F inbox: Lina "Umma Liten" Nääs

Photo: Lina Nääs. Please also check out Linas other pictures on the F Blog. Please also look at her own homepage.

Invited guest: Hansi Linderoth

A friend of mine, Hansi Linderoth - explore old cameras, films, different and often expired polaroids. He have invented his own technique and has a lovely and poetic style. You can see pinhole polaroids too on the sites he post photos, and i know he build one once with unusual material. I´m happy to invite him here with some examples. You can see more on his own site here, and more here

fado for Markus

 fado without music, eternal saudades and tristezas, essence of Portuguese soul...

Fado for Cristina

One night in Lisboa we went to a restaurant where they played fado music. I think we were the only tourists and we ended up next to a very kind family visiting their daugher who studied. There where three ladies singing and two gentlemens accompanied them. I especially remember one lady, Berta Fernandez, who greeted us when we came. I bought her CD and it's quite nice but nothing compared to listening to her live. She's of course the lady in the first picture.

gruppo F inbox: Georgie Fame

Photo: Torsten Ståhlberg

I am sending a picture of UK's best singer all time, Georgie Fame. I have listened to his music since mid 60's. He has been singing everything from R&B, Soul, Pop and Jazz through the years. This picture was taken when he was singing jazz with a big brass band in Norrköping, Sweden in November 2006.

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Broken Shadows

As Fredrik said, music and photography to me also is very connected. I remember when I went to see the exhibition "On Verra Bien", Christer Strömholm, right after he had died. When I looked at the pictures, I heard music. It wasnt just like that I heard a particular song, it was music inside my head that popped up as a saw his images. I wish I had written it down... :)

Well, you asked for music Fredrik, and here it is! The song is called Broken Shadows, Ornette Coleman from the bootleg "The Belgrad Concert" and inspired me to do these 2 pictures:

And of course concert photography is fun too, although I prefer to listen to the music. :)
Well here is one anyway, Sonny Simmons at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm:

inbetween days

Yesterday I got so old
I felt like I could die
Yesterday I got so old
It made me want to cry
Go on go on
Just walk away
Your choice is made
Go on go on
And disappear
Go on go on
Away from here

lyrics by the Cure

photo: Christofer Grandin

Invited guest: Ben Couvillion

At first, I had the intention of writing a longer introduction to Ben Couvillion's photographs. I easily could have, since they speak multitudes. But then I received two paragraphs from Ben himself, elaborating on his photographic practice. Reading it through, I realized that nothing I could ever write would quite match up.

Let me just say this: from the very first time I saw Ben's photographs, I fondly remember his diner booth photo (featured below). It is such a beautiful combination of carefull framing, perfect exposure, wonderful colors, and subtle meaning - easily parallelling other great explorers of things American like Jeff Brouws, William Eggleston, and Chris Verene. I imagine that you, dear reader, will will find your own personal favorite too.

In his own words:

I am easily fascinated - always have been. The bright and sometimes odd colors that exist in seemingly uninteresting environments, and the wear and tear of things. Naturally man-made compositions waiting to be sought out and photographed – places that have become an extension of someone's personality, usually someone I've known – all their things scattered about. I can't get enough of it.

Much of my time making photographs is spent hovering over potential compositions in uncomfortable positions, holding my breath, so I will not shake or startle the image. I don't notice the leg cramps or backpain as I create – just the reversed image of what I'm seeing on my camera's ground glass – continuously fine-tuning what I see until I feel the urge to release the shutter. Then I take a deep breath and start again.

You will find more of Ben's work here.

Invited by
Joakim Sebring.