14 January 2007

the deadly virus H1N1

Street car conductor in Seattle not allowing
passengers aboard without a mask. 1918

The year was 1918 and a deadly virus caused a pandemi killing
perhaps up to a 100 million people. The horrors of World War I were coming to an end, but people around the world were now facing yet another terrible threat.

My grandfather on my mother´s side died of "The Spanish Flu", and so did my grandmother on my father´s side. The influenza was taking the lives of so many, often young people.

I came to think of this reading the news about "the bird flu", H5N1, that apparently still is around.

Picture found at the National Archive

here comes the night...

in sicily /caltagirone, palermo/06

For your eyes only pt.3

I'm still collecting Metrograd-sketches. Some might work, some might not

invited guest David Björkén (the beach)

A beautiful sky, a mood of prescense.

Loneliness is everywhere. The promenade along the beach sees only a
couple of people. Their eyes meet in a flash. A fleeting moment soon
Helsingborg 2006,©David Björkén

invited guest David Björkén (the lake)

A beautiful winter landscpae in black and white.

The desert landscape of the past. A freezing cold wind sweeps the lake
in Northern Sweden. It is quiet, forlorn and the bright
summer nights
are many months away.

Brännberg 2006, ©David Björkén

invited guest David Björkén (the bridge)

To me this is like an entrance.

Nature takes over. The old bridge is out of service. It once served to carry
people who are now gone.
Boden 2006, ©David Björkén

invited guest David Björkén (work bench)

This is a magnificent interior.

The owner of the shoe has checked out a long time ago. A thick layer
of dust covers the work bench and the paint in the cans has hardened.
Malmö 2005, ©David Björkén

invited guest David Björkén (the sofa)

I am glad to publish pictures by David Björkén at the F Blog. He sent me
some "lone stars" and I will post them one by one to give each picture
the attention it deservs. The first one is stuck in my mind forever. I
associated it with the film Diva.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

A sofa. Like a monument from past times. A time of life and movement.
All signs of that are inexorably removed by time itself. Now there is
only eternity

Malmö 2005, ©David Björkén

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the beach
the lake
the bridge
work bench

Jacek Gąsiorowski