08 August 2008

Exhibition with F:ers

Remember the outdoor exhibition Planket Gbg? Tomorrow, from 12-17 pm, its arranged at Majvallen in Gothenburg, Sweden. At least two F:ers participate: Markus Andersson and Markus Jenemark. Don't miss it!
- Nenne G


Alice in her party dress
She thanks you kindly, so serene
She needs you like she needs her tranks
To tell her that the world is clean
To promise her a definition
Tell her where the rain will fall
Tell her where the sun shines bright and
Tell her she can have it all

equipment: equipment: hasselblad, tri-x, saliva, ovenpaper, viradon, plastic foil and some inspiration from The Sisters of Mercy.

I have stopped thinking...and let the the senses to explore...!

photo: Tatiana Bitir

Foto8 award

Foto8 Award & Summer Show 2008
We are pleased to annouce that the winner of the Foto8 Award for 'Best in Show' at this year's Summer Show, goes to....Guido Castagnoli for his image: Street to the main station, Shimada City, Japan 2007 taken from the series Provincial Japan.
The judges were impressed by the high standard of all the work but they were particularly drawn to the colouring and mysterious 1950s, bleached effect of Castagnoli’s print, commenting: “This is an image that will continue to be intriguing each time one looks at it. It is both strange and beautiful.”
stay tuned for more from Guido in the Fblog, soon....
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