29 February 2008

From Karlskoga to Kartago - a preview

Be sure not to miss this exhibition opening 8 March in Karlskoga, province of Värmland, Sweden. You have already been provided with details here. From the preview I get a feeling that this event will be a great one. Good luck Markus!

Everything appears so recently

Photo© Rosita Borum, Rättvik

Sweden's Official Festival for Documentary Films called Tempo Documentary will be on in Stockholm 5-9th March. As a part of the festival an exhibition will take place on Center of Photography. Mobila dokumentärredaktionen (the Mobile doucumentary team of editors) travelled in the spring of 2007 around Sweden and collaborated with elderly people in four cities and towns, collecting and depicting reflections on life and reality of and by senior citizens.

The participants, about 200 retired people, produced together with the team an extensive material that has been shaped into 25 short films, 35 radio documentaries, one feature documentary for The Swedish public service broadcaster – Sveriges Television (SVT), a book and a large amount of still photos.

The exhibition at the Center of Photography will open on 6 March and will be on until 16 March. Read more about this event on www.tempofestival.nu/english/

08:30 AM

Photo: Markus Jenemark

Daily Print

photo: Jeanne Wells

Here's today's Daily Print, hope you enjoy it! If you want the daily news, just sign up and it'll be in your mailbox each day. It's a fun project, and did I mention Daily?

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Fotoexhibition "dreierlei"

Flow 3, photo: Melanie Neiger

rost 1, Photo Hans Ruedi Schlumpf

dream 3, Walter Neiger

Our Swiss friends Melanie and Walter invites you to Reinach, Switzerland to see their exhibition opening 4 April, 6.30 PM. Together with Hans Ruedi Schlumpf they will show their work in Galerie Heimatsmuseum until 27 April. F blog wish you good luck! /ulf

man in crowd

Photographer: Jan Bernhardtz

make your own kind of music...

sick of it all / PL 07
i've realized concerts are about music and hairstyle.